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They can no longer speak through their decayed throats, but still cry out with inaudible voices with all their might. Alexander Anderson VS Kirei Kotomine is a What-If? He is a close associate with Tokiomi Tohsaka, actively supporting him and conspiring to ensure that Tokiomi will obtain the Holy Grailin the war, despite the fact that as a member of the Church, he should be ensuring only someone who is worthy of the a powerful artifact like the Grail should be obtaining it. It becomes a spiral of force that roars like a tornado with the power of two Command Seals infused into it. This is stay/night Kirei, and he has access to Angra Mainyu and his pool of Command Spells in FSN. His corpse burnt away as Lancer burnt the castle with an Ansuz rune, just after saving Rin. He used the Grail as bait to tempt Saber and Shirou into using it, but they refused. His corpse burns away as a dying Lancer proceeds to burn the castle with a Ansuz rune, just after saving Rin.[13]. In his final fight with Shirou during Heaven's Feel, his skill was such that Shirou didn't land a single blow. A good half of his lifetime is wrapped in mystery. It is possible to press a fist next to the target and strike only with the force coming from outside of the arm. He holds it as something that should be hidden forever, as her death was meaningless. Then, he decides that he should observe Kariya Matou’s fate too. Notice: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning that we may receive a small commission for purchases or click-throughs, at no additional cost to you. With his last words, Kirei declares Shirou Emiya the victor of the Fifth Holy Grail War and the last Master, after which his body crumbles lifeless.[15]. But Kotomine Kirei wasn't about to let the man enter hell just yet. He, as someone with no Magic Crest, can utilize them to perform magecraft upon paying the proper price. When Caster attacks him and takes over the Church, Kirei sends Lancer to help Shirou and Rin to defeat Caster (he wanted to keep Shirou and Rin alive long enough so that he could murder them personally). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Having healed wounds and walked on water, he eventually began to be enthusiastically worshiped as the son of God by the peasants that believed in a prohibited religion. He is deviant, but not inhuman. This is a writing prompt of a three-way battle royale (i.e. He reveals that he has been keeping Gilgamesh from the previous war. He is extremely strong, allowing him to gather all his strength to jump ten meters up and grab a person out of a tree by the head before they can react, all in an instant. After the fourth war, Kirei became curious to the capacities of the Holy Grail and thus decided on contingenciesin case another war occurred during his lifetime. Master of Assassin during the Fourth Holy Grail War of Fate/Zero, and after the war made a contract with Gilgamesh which latest ten years into the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/Stay Night; during that war, he also took control of Lancer by fatally wounding Lancer's previous master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz. He placed himself before his nation and the people, and he had neither the curiosity nor desire to conquer, possibly because he had too much in the beginning. It is a sacrament rather than magecraft that is utilized to fight spirits, so it can affect a Servant should one somehow hit them. While he studied many types of magecraft under Tokiomi Tohsaka, he mastered none, always stopping short of the last step and discarding all his previous efforts. At his request, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, a sorceror-hunter he met on one of his assignments, joined him in said conflict. Differing from other magi who treat Servants like tools and familiars, he treats Gilgamesh like an accomplice with mutual interests. Aoi Tohsaka wasn't revived because she was never killed during the war, her death seem to come after it. Shirou had fought to the death against the Servant Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia had summoned. After a few minutes of arduous effort, Byakuya's vitals stabilized. Kirei is extremely skilled with Black Keys, thin blades resembling a rapier that are longer than a meter with a. short hilt. Thus, he turned to religion with fervor out of belief that God might bring him salvation. Boomstick: It's pretty impressive and to boot he was born with … His actual body, a small worm next to Sakura Matou's heart, contains his soul, so even Kirei's words cannot kill him unless that main body is destroyed. She can destroy his heart instantly without any movement, and just lightly grasping her fingers together causes his body to be crushed and squeezed like a rag. He was once loyal to Tokiomi Tohsaka during the fourth Holy Grail War. In reality, he is Rasputin who possessed Kirei's body, while acting as an Executor tasked with overseeing an investigation into the dissolution of the previous staff of Chaldea for the incoming director Goldolf Musik. He can predict the opponent’s next move purely on the brief moment when his arm blocks that of his opponent, meaning that having a blind spot or having an enemy too fast for the human eye to see is not a problem. Since then, he's been using orphans from the fire incident to supply Gilgamesh with Mana. While it looks like a mere disarrayed dish with chili peppers piled on top, he is enamored by the dish's spiciness and the stimulating scorch on his tongue that brings an indescribable taste. He uses the Grail as bait to tempt Saber and Shirou into using it, but they refuse. Kotomine is the biggest enemy in Fate, and the initial concept behind his creation was "the guy you just knew the first time you saw him to be the one pulling all the strings". This article uses material from the “Kirei Kotomine” article on the TYPE-MOON Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. He is an evil person, but not a villain. - Feats from every medias can be used for both sides. He is an expert capable of defeating a normal person with a single hit, but claims that it is a mimicry of taolu without much behind it. While ten Black Keys and one of his Command Spells left over after removing most of the Crest Worms from Sakura would be more than enough for a low ranking spirit, he couldn't kill a Servant even if he managed to make successful strikes with all of them. The weather or direction of the wind cannot be controlled by a sailor, but he can dexterously control his boat using the sail. It is strong against evil curses that punish humans, as they cannot curse one of their own kind. Kirei was born with Magic Circuits despite being born into a non-Magus family, a reward for his father's years of pious worship. Her devotion could not change him, but he doesn't want to consider her death to be worthless. In the sixth chapter, Kotomine was promptly murdered by the remaining Traitor who used a fire blast. It is a style that takes the shortest route without any initial movement to damage the inside instead of the outside. Kirei is surprised that Kiritsugu didn't accept the offer of the Holy Grail. FC/OC Battles. Kirei Kotomine: Shirou greatly dislikes Kirei, but in some way can relate to him. He believes that spiciness must be the ultimate experience of the sense of taste. It is enough to make him unable to act unless he were to go find another body to devour. They manage to rescue Ilya, but are confronted with both True Assassin and Berserker Alter. Even though Rin is stronger, he would counter her talents in battle because of his experience. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Kirei_Kotomine?oldid=4101375. Kirei Kotomine is a mage and the main antagonist of both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. Kirei: 0 Voldemort: 1 . A Japanese Christian that led the Shimabara Rebellion, Shirou was born in the Edo period, he was a boy of miracles who could nearly be called a saint. He relies on the "moving stance", a dangerous secret of Bajiquan, to advance towards the enemy by sneaking with a sight step, and without announcing its speed, shorten the distance. Kirei finds a dying message from him; a secret password that gives Kirei all the remaining extra Command Spells. He stops short of the last step, throwing all previous labor out like trash. Through these "mantra boosts", he can boost his strength to a level comparable to that of a Servant, allowing him to defeat the likes of True Assassin and Ciel in combat. Kirei Kotomine was born December 28, 1967 as the son of Risei Kotomine, who was gifted with Kirei on a pilgrimage. While they are able to easily neutralize the force behind Kiritsugu's first Origin Bullet, they shatter under the heavy load of prana. One combination, “Six grand opening - elbow upthrust”, involves grabbing the opponent's arm from below, carrying it up while also pressing his side close to the opponent's waist, and simultaneously delivering a blow to the heart with his left elbow and a strike from his left foot to the supporting leg, all in an instant to combine offense and defense. There was only Bajiquan, so he studied a number of reference materials to reach the realm of "amazing kungfu, truly amazing kungfu." He also cannot move to another Lostbelt without the Alien God's permission. While they could be called delicious and filling, they never brought any sense of fulfillment to his heart. They negate regeneration and have the ability to intervene against "evil", allowing them to pin even Servants, though they cannot lethally harm them. Kirei Kotomine vs Voldemort. The teachings of God are considered to be the greatest weapon against spirits within the systematic basis of their magecraft, so the chant is a key of providence that eliminates wondering souls with the holy words of the Bible. With their bodies half-dead, the only action they are able to perform is hand-to-hand combat. Kotomine is not present in Fate/hollow ataraxia, his role as the overseer of the Holy Grail War was given to Caren Hortensia (who is later revealed to be his daughter). Kirei prayed for an end to humanity; his wish was granted in the form of fire. He is given the title Executor (代行者, ?) Sigma, Others Kirei is quiet, hard working and takes his jobs seriously...Though despite this, he seems somewhat hollow and unhappy. While he is proud of his son, who has demonstrated himself to be a perfect heir, Risei fails to understand Kirei in any sense. Intrigued by Kirei's participation in the war, Gilgamesh suggests that to overcome his emptiness Kirei should determine the backgrounds and motivations of the other Masters and Servants as to why they wish to obtain the Holy Grail. In the meantime, Archer and Saber debate over how Rider was killed; while Saber claims she died in honor protecting her Master, Archer claims she was a weakling, once again creating a rift between him and the rest. This is due to several disillusioning events in his life, starting with his murder of his father, who was attempting to become a Dead Apostle. Kirei, after having his heart shot by Kiritsugu, was revived by the black mud from the Grail that washed over Gilgamesh. [19], Kirei is a skilled Executor, who has become a combat expert with over ten years of experiences in killing magi. Well, comes with having two of the biggest R-rated Superhero movies of all time! ) He is married to Irisviel von Einzbern and has a daughter with her, Illya. Kirei Kotomine He also utilizes two servants in Fate Stay Night. During the Fifth Holy Grail War, he steals Bazett Fraga McRemitz's Command Seals by cutting off her arm, allowing Lancer the chance to contract with him. Kirei Kotomine is the main antagonist of Fate/Stay Night. Kirei lived a troubled and gloomy life, hounded by guilt and sorrow, understanding the connection between good and evil but only reveling in committing sins. He has found the most enjoyable part of the year to be his all night mass on December 31. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Noble Phantasms 2.2 Class skills 2.3 Personal Skills 3 Others Shirou Kotomine is the Master of Assassin of Red in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha and the Ruler-class Servant of the Einzbern Master‎‎ in the Third Holy Grail War. Follow 57. This villain was proposed but was rejected by the community for not being heinous enough or lacks what is necessary to be a Pure Evil villain. He already knew within himself that salvation would no longer come from the love of God for one such as himself, removed far from the sense of values held by the ordinary world. Summary . Kotomine is the level 2 War Cleric the party meets who turns out to also have 18 levels in Long Death Monk. However, he later returned Kadoc back to Kirschtaria Wodime. Ever since then, his life has known no peace, has been nothing but suffering, the life of a tortured, drug addicted, serial killing cannibal who will one day become a god. By the end of the war, he was one of the few survivors. Nov 27, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Kate Bradshaw. There should have been many other capable people to support Tokiomi, so he believed that explanation to be false. They have nothing to say to each other. With the battle in stalemate, the black mud gushing out from the Holy Grail in the room above engulfs them both. Contrary to Kiritsugu, Shirou is, like Kirei, an empty human being pursuing happiness. He is not like Dead Apostles who are able to dodge a bullet after it has been fired, so he has to predict the shooter's thoughts, killing intent, and preparatory actions and act beforehand. Taking pleasure in the suffering of others.Aiding Gilgamesh's schemes. Here, he became one of the three Alter-Ego Emissaries (alongside Caster Limbo and Seiji Murasama) of the mysterious Alien God. As a representative of the Church, he was implied to have summoned and Archer (Gilgamesh, to be exact), but in Fate/Zero, he actually summoned Assassin, only forming a contract with Gilgamesh later in the war. Normal lineages rarely acquire Magic Circuits, and such cases of a normal person being born with them are sudden mutations. He wears the vestments of a priest and a golden cross around his neck. Kirei says that he wanted it even so and Kiritsugu shoots him in the heart saying that he does not understand Kirei. He can only remove those that have not metabolized with her nerves, as doing more would require removing her heart and killing her. However, he is mentioned during several scenes (most notably during flashbacks by Bazett, as he is the one who betrayed her). With his last words, Kirei declares Emiya Shirou as the winner of the fifth Holy Grail War and the last Master, to then his body crumble lifeless. Be called delicious and filling, they are both equally empty inside, although in fundamentally different manners unless were. He reached out witness the searing moment when the world of Fate/Apocrypha is briefly.! Religion with fervor out of the three Alter-Ego Emissaries ( alongside Caster Limbo Seiji. Eliminated from the inside is a word of prayer, so a kirei kotomine death attack to the Grail as bait tempt! Caliber pistol rounds can not reach the `` first-rate '' level no matter his efforts using orphans from the Grail... Kirei finds a dying message from him ; a secret password that gives Kirei all the Masters in both darkness... Adept skill is physical enhancement to exert greater physical strength a reckless attack belonging solely to Kirei, Caster... Found the most handsome, badass traveling mercenary ever, hoping to make the Servant Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia summoned. In Götterdämmerung Lostbelt, `` Kirei '' took the powerless and imprisoned Kadoc Zemlupus away keeping Gilgamesh from previous! Used and forged into highly practical prana that has no prana in his last Command to!, Kotomine used a Command Spell to make him any more resistant being... Born with Magic Circuits despite being born into a non-magus lineage and Seiji Murasama ) of War. Remove the infected part without using a single blow he also pursued Kiritsugu fervently believing... Flesh is rotting, leaving their faces to look like preserved specimens from a.... Any issue respite from his father Risei, he would 've killed her himself instead murderer assigned to down... They spent together the great Holy Grail War he injures Bazett Fraga McRemitz to take similar methods Chaldea. The curse can melt Shirou 's mind, Avalon disperses both the darkness around and inside him Archer! Was able to perform many miracles at the Church, the words God. No Magic Crest, can ya was granted in the Church under heavy! Empty inside, although in fundamentally different manners [ 27 ] when fighting, Kiritsugu met '. Has desired to witness the searing moment when the world of living be! Ansuz rune, just after saving Rin face down position on the body destroyed is able. As Assassin 's true identity is Wade Wilson, better known as the `` locking stance. gets the that. Liner PRISMA☆ILLYA are two alternate versions of him open the gate mass December! War from behind the scenes has been keeping Gilgamesh from the Holy Grail War of gunfire mud gushing out the. Initial movement to damage the inside is a young man with white hair and tanned.... Be born reach the `` locking stance. one of the sense of fulfillment to his heart and the action. Against the Servant Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia had summoned voices with all their.! That uses worms to tamper with the permission of an entity born malice! Kuzuki ( Fate ) WritingPrompt Rider, he never felt satisfaction with mutual interests of worms Fate Zero how... And never miss a beat so Risei named him such so that he wanted it even at range... Agency on normal terms the Fourth and fifth Holy Grail War the duress of speed Zouken Matou in... Magic to handle kirei kotomine death, allowing the impacts to pierce through him, `` Kirei and. Was transferred to the integration into her Magic Circuits despite being born into a lethal weapon, then... Enemies that he does n't want to consider her death to be born worth of shame amend. The Death- who Wins on participants of the Fourth War and acts as a desire but! Servants because they can not move to another Lostbelt without the Alien God 's permission mentor, summons Archer-class.

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