is perfectly valid, and the preferred way to embed third-party applications, such as Flash, it might not be a good idea to use. Yuck! I tried iframe and object tag, which works but the problem is i also get scrolling frames. – Seth Feb 18 '14 at 21:14. This content is provided by an external application or other source … The embedded sheet - see live version - will preserve the original formatting of the cells but it will still be a static HTML document - there’s no option for sorting or filtering data in the HTML table. Hi! Use the editor below to see the plugin in action. An iframe pretty much acts like a mini web browser within a web browser. The web's most basic content, HTML, requires the greatest amount of effort to work with. Note − The frameborder, marginwidth, longdesc, scrolling, marginheight attributes deprecated in HTML5. The ‘ src ‘ attribute is used to specify the URL of the document that occupies the iframe. The video we will be embedding … How to Embed an Image to Get a Self-Contained Web Page by Christopher Heng, I was asked by a visitor if it was possible to embed an image into an HTML file, so that the picture was inline and part of the page itself, and not a separate file that had to be downloaded (or in his particular case, distributed). Syntax :

This is my favorite method for embedding spreadsheet data in web page and I’ll soon explain why. To embed a video in an HTML page, use the