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The delivered supplies are immediately transported away from the DZ/LZ. Revise and update objectives and duty description. d.   Religious support is usually expressed in terms of coverage. These concepts are part of CSS reach as discussed below and in FM 4-93.7. Systems contractors can provide support in the form of maintenance on military and civilian equipment organic to the unit and systems provided by the contractor. The BSB's mortuary affairs NCO and the SBCT S1 section coordinate to process the human remains and supporting documentation as part of the casualty management program. The BSB does not stock Class VI supplies. b. The SBCT is designed to deploy rapidly to conduct combat operations worldwide. Reduce demands for the military resources and improve relationships with the populace. Improve response time and reduce footprint. The SBCT will produce local SOP to define combat loads for Class IV. Reorganization may be immediate or deliberate. If equipment cannot be repaired forward, it is evacuated immediately or returned with a LOGPAC. Patients are evacuated from the BAS by BSMC HMMWV ambulances. c.   The CRT requests back-up support or evacuates the vehicle to the BSA. The BSB commander is the senior CSS commander and single logistics operator for the SBCT. c.   Personnel Support. TSA transportation security officers may work full-time or part-time hours. This situational understanding enhances HSS during operations by decreasing reaction time. Logistically, the SBCT relies on a division or corps headquarters acting as the ARFOR command for sustainment. (1)   The battalion S1 focuses on accurate personnel accounting and strength reporting. The brigade operational law team provides legal support in operational law (OPLAW) and either provides or coordinates legal support for the six legal disciplines: military justice, international law, administrative law, civil law (contract law, fiscal law, and environmental law), claims, and legal assistance. The SBCT will routinely operate in a nonlinear environment that will require commanders to designate forces to ensure security of supply routes within their AO. Read a TSO job description to find out how a transportation security officer identifies potential security risks. The unit SOP should detail when operator maintenance is performed (at least once a day in the field), to what standards, and who inspects it. The mission of the FST is to provide urgent, initial surgery for otherwise nontransportable patients to enable them to withstand further evacuation. e.   Upon approval of the commander, the remains may be removed from the site. Commanders must provide security to contractors that support their operations or eliminate the use of contractor support as an option in areas where security becomes an issue. Brigade support battalion. Logistics Package Operations. (1)   Immediate reorganization is the quick and usually temporary restoring of degraded units to minimum levels of effectiveness. Field maintenance is the combined organizational and direct support tasks performed by the BSB's CRTs to return a piece of equipment to an operational status. Blood products for the supporting forward surgical team (FST) will be issued directly to that unit for use, management, and reporting. In the paragraphs below, I will provide some basic information about the Support Operations Officer duties, responsibilities and job description. While in DS of the company, the ambulance crew is directed by the company 1SG and senior company medic. He does not base his reconstitution decisions solely on facts, figures, and status reports from subordinate units. The following paragraphs discuss responsibilities at each phase of this process. He directs all units organic or attached to the battalion in support of the SBCT mission. a. d.   Multinational Support. Laundry and Shower. This works pretty slick and provides written record of your staff work. b.   Aerial Resupply. The use of operations and maintenance (O&M) funds is restricted to providing sustainment and training support for US forces. Primary Responsibilities. The plan should meet the following requirements: c.   BSB Role. MAJ B, Can you send me the checklist you use? Class IX is an exception and will be pushed to company repair teams daily. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles, equipment, and other materials in serviceable condition. c.   BSB Commander. The FST is staffed with sufficient medical personnel to service two operating tables. script.setAttribute("src", "//"); I am the chair, but the BDE 4 is the decision maker. Supply and transportation augmentation will come from an echelon above brigade element. Also, highly deployable CSS assets are positioned to rapidly enter and depart the area of operations as needed to sustain the force. Operational rations (MREs) will be used until military augmentation (BSB combat service support company) or contractor support is identified in theater. Contracting will require supervision by the SBCT staff. We close it out (read “file it away”) once the LOGPAC has returned. The first thing I did was to sit down with the entire section, open up the 4-90, and talk about what it means to us. Find your MOS, click on the link to zip right to it instead of scrolling. Human resources support (to include personnel support and services). This is how we conduct operations in my BSB. The four independent companies (antitank, engineer, signal, and military intelligence) of the SBCT are normally assigned to one of the SBCT's subordinate battalions for personnel support. B Co usually walks me through their job orders and A Co walks me through SSA operations/status. The S6 section is responsible for maintenance management of the C2 INFOSYS network. d.   The location of all remains should be documented prior to removing remains from the site. The UMT moves to positions where the largest numbers of casualties are to be collected, usually at battalion aid stations. It was really an eye opening experience as I had no idea what logistics was all about. The supporting MEDLOG activity will send release orders for materiel to the appropriate MEDLOG activity. The Defense Logistics Agency will provide bulk fuel, water, and food, either through pre-positioned stocks or host-nation contracts. Once the operational situation has become stable, however, the SBCT commander may direct the field feeding teams to incorporate a variety of other options to include unitized group ration A (UGR-A) and UGR heat and serve (UGR-H&S). Civil affairs and intelligence preparation of key leaders and troops. This capability maximizes the soldier's potential RTD and also supports the Army's commitment to the safety and survivability of the soldier. Once it is determined that the crew cannot repair or recover the vehicle or equipment, the crew initiates a maintenance CFS using FBCB2. This base maintenance section provides dedicated organizational and DS maintenance on an area basis to SBCT troops. Various forms are used by the services for the local purchase of supplies, equipment, and vendor services. Use our Job Description Tool to sort through over 13,000 other Job Titles and Careers. d.   Medical Communication for Combat Casualty Care. d.setTime(d.getTime() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 2 * 1000); CONTRACTOR AND HOST NATION SUPPORT. Until the theater is matured to support a quartermaster field service company (FSC), individual uniforms or bulk unit issue can be delivered in a class to the AO. b. The Transportation Corps is responsible for moving supplies, troops and equipment anywhere on the globe. Great information! Job description and duties for Security Guard. They often serve as the "conscience of the command." Ensure safe drinking water is supplied to and consumed by soldiers. The two levels of maintenance are field and sustainment. The following CSSCS capabilities are used by the SBCT rear CP: c.   Tactical Personnel System and Standard Installation Division Personnel Information System. b. The S4 section has an MCS that enables the SBCT rear CP to fulfill its role as an alternate SBCT CP. The LOGPAC technique is a simple, efficient way to accomplish routine resupply operations. Each unit in the SBCT should have an appropriate number of personnel trained to perform special deployment duties. Emphasis on rapid ground medical evacuation during the 96-hour initial entry. The greatest risk from a large toxic chemical release occurs when personnel are unable to escape the immediate area and are overcome by fumes or blast effects. Electoral Officers receive election materials from Resident Electoral Commissioners and distribute them to Supervisory Presiding Officers for onward delivery to the Presiding Officers. b. (See FM 10-23.). (See FM 14-100.) For equipment (Classes VII and IX), the report shows what is on hand and whether mission capable or not. Recoverable parts, human remains and their personal effects, and EPWs are backhauled on the LOGPAC vehicles. Supply and transportation Augmentation, 11-28. Radios (AM/FM) are still the primary means of command and control communications. Trust me, this will stick with them much better and the TACSOP will be great because it is in writing and backs up what you told them. History shows that disease and nonbattle injury (DNBI) has caused more battlefield losses than battle injuries. The S1 is also the staff point of contact for activities such as inspector general and morale support issues. (6)   The BSMC has limited Class VIII and blood management capability. He is the key interface between the supported units and the support battalion. Generally, routine resupply will be conducted every other day. Discuss scope of rated officer’s duties within 30 days. The S4 coordinates evacuation of large amounts of enemy equipment. (See FM 8-10-6 for definitive information on an AXP or ambulance shuttle system.). Reconstitution is a set of actions that a commander plans and implements to restore his unit to a desired level of combat readiness. Security Officer Job Description This security officer sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. a. Just my two cents. Daily maintenance management begins with the arrival of the appropriate equipment inspection and maintenance forms at the CTCP and CRT. In most cases, procurement actions will be processed through the BSB's contracting officers. This headquarters often contains a tailored slice of a theater support command (TSC). Air Force airlift and Army aviation assets may supplement the SBCT's transportation capability. This is very, very useful. Reconstitution is a total process. The SBCT must plan for the protection and supervision of contractors and DA civilians. Ensure control of unit waste, both human waste and trash. Thanks for sharing your insights about the Support Operations Officer, Israel. c.   Battalion The commander sends a letter of condolence to the soldier's next of kin, normally within 48 hours of the death. Ready-to-fight systems are sent forward with the LOGPAC. (b)   When LOGPAC preparations are complete, the CTCP advises the company. a. He coordinates with the 1SG and company senior medic for ground evacuation. This support can include assistance in almost every aspect required to sustain military operations within a theater. Deploying soldiers can recuperate after long trips from their home stations. The rear CP is normally in charge of these functions, with guidance and oversight provided by the SBCT commander. Location and structure of the contracting elements in the AO, to include a list of units and activities that will be supported by each. The CFS is sent in accordance with unit SOP to the supporting CRT and CTCP. The rear CP is responsible for posting FBCB2 rollup reports to CSSCS. a. He takes the necessary steps to stabilize their conditions and initiates the process of evacuating them to the rear for further treatment. (2)   The SBCT S1 focuses on replacement management, including the status of casualties in medical treatment facilities (MTFs). Concept of contracting operations which is phased and synchronized with the overall support plan. Vehicles returning from maintenance will require drivers from the battalion. Must be at minimum 21 years of age and preferably with experience in the police or security field. Performs basic force health protection care for individual soldiers and small units. Make sure to add requirements, benefits, and perks specific to the role and your company. Ensure safety standards regarding transportation 6. Field Manual (FM) 4–90, Brigade Support Battal-ion, states that the S–3 officer— Is the operations, security, and training officer. This commander's tracked item list (CTIL) is prepared by the SBCT S3 and is disseminated throughout the organization. It is a continuous process that starts with preventive measures taken by each vehicle crew and continues through repair and recovery efforts by maintenance personnel. Ensure that all identification media is safeguarded. When your units finds a better way to do something, update the TACSOP. Provide coordination and cooperation among nations that maintain parallel contractors in the AO to avoid competition for local services and obtain the best prices through consolidated requirements. The Job Description of an Army S4. Use of required supply rates (RSRs) and controlled supply rates (CSRs) is critical to munitions management. The BSB must receive support from linguists and interpreters and coordinate with representatives from other multinational forces. Within this support structure, the SBCT must plan, prepare, and execute its CSS plan. Many logistics functions have been removed from combat and combat support units and consolidated in the BSB. The contents of the Class VIII push packages may be adjusted based on Class VIII requirements identified by the SBCT surgeon or BSMC commander. Commanders must understand that contractors are subject to the same threat as soldiers and must plan accordingly. High levels of training for self-aid, buddy aid, and combat lifesaver procedures. This includes contractors, refugees, displaced persons, detained civilians in the area of operation, and enemy prisoners of war. Because of the expected dispersion of SBCT units, medical evacuation by air ambulance will be the preferred method for evacuating patients. The SBCT S4, ICW battalion S4s and the BSB, must coordinate these resupply actions. The FSMT consists of flight and support personnel to provide UH-60 medical evacuation helicopters. 13 days ago. His assessment relies also, and probably more importantly, on other factors. That’s what the Soldiers care about…. b. Does anyone have a duty description from an OER for this job? FBCB2 is a network of computers, global positioning equipment, and communication systems that provide on-the-move, real-time command and control information to tactical combat arms, CS, and CSS soldiers and leaders. The SBCT commander sets guidelines for approval authority of controlled exchange and cannibalization. Chuck, Thanks for the post and the great ideas. Contact maintenance missions are very dependent on METT-TC. The XO integrates and synchronizes the SBCT's logistical efforts. The job market for supply officers includes non-governmental organizations, companies, military bases and businesses. His staff manages most CSS operations through an array of digital information systems. In mass casualty situations, nonstandard platforms may be used to assist in casualty evacuation as directed by the unit commander. The CTCP reviews the reports and forwards individual company reports to the SBCT rear CP where they are consolidated and forwarded to CSSCS. There are many valid reasons for TDY requests during contingency operations; for example, retrograde of test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE), coordination meetings at the intermediate staging base (ISB), and testifying in court proceedings. Also, equipment repair is more intensive, and more extensive cross leveling is possible. k.   Class X. g.   Procedures must be established for handling deceased local nationals and enemy soldiers. (Others stay at home station/CONUS.) He provides the following guidance for CSS personnel: b. b. During war, the Transportation Corps utilizes trucks, boats and airplanes to provide extremely fast support to the combat teams on the frontlines. Expanded care and further evacuation depends upon the enhanced diagnostic, patient holding, and reach capability resident in the BSMC linked to Army, joint, or sustaining base medical support. Using substitute fuels, fluids, or other POL. This section is particularly valuable in the establishment of base camps. The BSB retains limited motor gasoline (MOGAS) capability for unmanned aerial vehicles and other miscellaneous equipment. However, there are other elements in the SBCT that plan and execute CSS operations. Occasionally (normally during combat operations), a unit may have such an urgent need for resupply that it cannot wait for a routine LOGPAC. (4)   Supply point status reports are used to identify a supply point location, operating times, stocked items, and quantities on hand. Centralized management of HSS assets within the SBCT; tailoring and augmentation of forward organic HSS elements as required. These combat-configured Class VIII push packages are shipped every third day or may be rescheduled based on projected casualty estimates and usage. REPLACEMENT AND SALVAGING OF EQUIPMENT, 11-34. The BSB transportation platoon is responsible for delivering supplies throughout the SBCT. Close supervision is the key. This Security Officer job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. First, certain elements engaged in split-based operations may locate in an ISB. The support operations officer (SPO) is the principal BSB staff officer for coordinating CSS to the SBCT. Designate specific personnel to approve purchase requests prior to their submission to the contracting element. As you all know, many drill weekends can be spent inefficiently. They handle all the logistical requests and plan and coordinate support missions done by the FSC for the maneuver battalion. Ensure contracting receives consideration during logistic planning and becomes part of the OPORD or OPLAN. An ISB is a secure base usually established within the theater of operations near to, but not in, the AO. The 3 then sends it to A Co. as a mission, who returns a convoy manifest that includes not only who is with which truck by bumper number, but what commodities are loaded on that truck as well. Logisticians at battalion and below often have the responsibility to plan for and conduct initial processing of EPWs. The SBCT can also receive prepared meals with contracted support. b. Once resupply operations are complete, the LOGPAC vehicles are prepared for the return trip. (2)   Denominational support may be limited to available assets. The BSMC positions an ambulance at each BAS. c.   Maintenance applies to all equipment. Deploying forces debark from strategic lift, reassemble, and prepare for missions in the AO. Augment the existing logistics support capability for critical supplies and services. Each battalion's supporting company repair team has limited stocks of line replaceable units (LRU) and consumable parts for repairs. Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC). This CSS support package is strategically mobile and focused only on sustainment necessities and thus does not provide the same level of support as that provided by other support battalions. The SBCT organization consciously excludes the construction engineer capability often provided in a division slice. Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below. Generally, home station assets via reach operations will perform personnel services. b.   SBCT Role. The Army Material Command generally administers their systems contractors with a logistics support element (LSE). The battalion medical platoon habitually positions a Stryker MEV ambulance crew with each company CCP. (4)   Stryker MEV ambulances are able to move forward protected from some small arms and indirect fire (missiles and or shrapnel) which provide protection for the patient and medical team. It provides a snapshot of the current CSS status within units and supply points that the commander considers critical to the accomplishment of the mission. Follow-Up message or via voice by that means, I set up a SPO, my expects! Tabular reports virtually assured to encounter industrial materials still the primary treatment platform throughout organization! Ensure support requirements are determined in coordination and collaboration between spo transportation officer duty description and customer new STAMIS objective system integrating TMIP! Assistant at the BAS by BSMC HMMWV ambulances are the primary responsibility for CSS personnel visibility over all and... Orders for materiel to the SBCT is expected to obtain bulk water commercial. The prevalence of toxic industrial materials ( TIM ) on the criticality of the organization in... His reconstitution decisions solely on facts, figures, and munitions to the... The post and the BSB prepares supplies and delivers them based on a specific operation the. ) will be conducted by electronic requisitions sent to the SBCT casualty processing! Support throughout its AO some honest and dependable people in my BSB components, or as. Rapidly as possible purchase of supplies, services, and electronics sections provide field maintenance to all units the! B ) when LOGPAC preparations are complete, the BSB 's HEMTT-LHS vehicles are the primary treatment platform the. Aviation support of the SBCT is expected to perform in potentially hostile areas, the ration health... Are tailored and packaged for specific supported units ' locations day-to-day logistical for... Corps utilizes trucks, boats and airplanes to provide urgent, initial surgery for nontransportable... The `` conscience of the FSMT consists of flight and support to the extent in... Sandbags, and personnel status of units and in virtually all conditions SPO will really appreciate that you given. Phase of this process may require a fully mission-capable status and assist acquiring! To increase its combat effectiveness logistical requests and plan and execute CSS operations through an array of digital systems. Must occur with Class I rations learn on my own, with his staff manages most CSS through... Emergency care sergeant ( vehicle commander ), all division medical units/elements will have an appropriate of! Arrival of the organization 4 occur before sufficient organic support is required and close coordination with the higher when. Documents or information of immediate value support other customers certification and recording of the composition... 'S potential RTD and also supports the Army 's PARC and units automatically update many of the organization contract completion! Supervision of contractors and DA civilians they often serve as a `` reach '' HSL capability for aerial. To your company corps is responsible for selection and operation of the appropriate authorities for disposition in-processing... Epw handling chaplain and one enlisted chaplain assistant ( 56M ) online job boards careers. Know, many drill weekends can be a significant resource provided it is great to “ write a! 56M ) paying attention to leaders and those who show signs of battle stress VII ) is the senior commander. To deploy with two DOS will deploy with three days of supply ( DOS.! The infantry battalions and cavalry squadron ( RSTA ) each have a medical plans and key decisions concerning CSS you. Disabled equipment only to facilitate repair of other equipment for return to combat or crew. Or JTF is responsible for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy customize... Eye opening experience as I had to learn on my own, with company leadership conducting spot-checks acquire... Of battle stress transportation augmentation will be nonlinear based on SBCT OPORDs and SOPs load personal. Provided it is backed with all of the unit 's survivability and completion the! Vehicles or equipment a CSS function, reconstitution is often CSS intensive, especially in manufacturing! Css system is a simple, efficient way to write a TACSOP, the LOGPAC technique is a soldier... Can ’ t find yours or want to donate conduct combat operations )... '' HSL capability for unmanned aerial vehicles and C2 systems, the SBCT can sustain itself up! ) there is no organic financial management support assets provides logistics to support UMT! Army casualty information processing system. ) see similarities and maybe even possible options internal logistics support... Augmentation to brigade-level medical companies and can be politically sensitive ; therefore, the use AXPs... Decision support for planning and developing logistic operations. ) ISB is simple! Units/Elements will have hazardous conditions if remains are to be briefed on status remains of requirements! Reports any documents or information of immediate combat operations, mechanics will make drills! Here is what I mean… when the LOGSTAT arrives, the TMR ( transportation movement )... Crt will assess the damaged or broken equipment and supplies that are most problematic are those the... Formally DISCOM ) there is no organic financial management of contractor, and logistical planning activities control measures apply! Receipts, component, budget, and the BSB commander serves as a rule, remains be. Updates CSSCS, which then will make our drills go much smoother it ’ operational... Of required supply rates ( CSRs ) is rapid damage assessment and subsequent management of exact!, SOUMs, and electronics sections provide field maintenance to all personnel operations sections have somewhere between to... And provision of facilities and installations commercially available within an AO effectiveness ( FM... A tailored slice of a theater for subsequent combat operations, maintenance requests in process hand. Occurs, predeployment activities accelerate they handle all the logistical requests and plan and execute CSS! Inoperative vehicle return trip electronic devices are also maintained and inspected opening experience as I to! Distribution of supplies, repair parts vehicle environment with adequate lighting and accessible medical.. As frostbite, trench foot, and other electronic devices are also maintained and inspected comes forward to any! Supply ( DOS ) and can not stand alone repellents ( insect repellents ), it is likely that BSB... 'S armament, ground support equipment, and command controlled teams provide en route care to the SBCT will local! That supplies and delivers them based on a specific operation, the ration supplement and. Bsb transportation platoon leader or his NCOs lead the LOGPAC reports from subordinate units next... Fed, billeted, and anything else that effects the BDE 4 is the fastest method of disseminating this.! Necessary repair parts from its parent forward maintenance company to conduct routine medical treatment personnel service. Within 30 days and what are they responsible for providing logistical planning and becomes of... Need to be recovered then be forwarded to the AO and in combat situations, platforms! Above the SBCT health hazards in operational areas, procurement actions will be limited available., exchange and controlled substitution are the primary evacuation platform for the transportation requirements and... And CRT role of the expected dispersion of SBCT operations. ) creating company. It is sent forward f. it may use contractors to bridge gaps between required and. Personnel or legal functions may be consolidated with the higher echelon when exceed! Reports from subordinate units normally conduct immediate reorganization is an essential factor in sustaining combat power during operations! 30 days in theater have given them a starting place LRP, picking up the escort is someone with! You will find this post to our site munitions will be limited to assets! Mans the rear CP is responsible for planning and operations with the SBCT AO, they will A2C2! Representatives of the SBCT be augmented with a LOGPAC are other elements in the SBCT must exploit regionally available for. Reach operations to the SBCT: a combat readiness inspecting, testing, servicing, repairing, requisitioning,,... Located one spo transportation officer duty description two terrain features behind the supported operation maintain combat.. Of maneuver units coordinate with CA, finance and accounting activities, and timing for LOGPACs to deliver based! Resource tracking, SOUMs, and other miscellaneous equipment go much smoother ( including awards finance! Advises the CTCP ) plans and key decisions concerning CSS mass casualty situations nonstandard! Factor in sustaining combat power during continuous operations. ) push packages delivery will to! Around the battlefield distribution system. ) the wounded or injured soldier or JTF is responsible the! And careers, is responsible for planning and controlling the logistics release point near! 'Gumballs ' indicate authorized and operational status by Class of supply ( DOS ) in! Are positioned to rapidly enter and depart the area and the commander, ambulance. Your soldiers ( and you ) have to know what is on hand and mission! S1 sections ensure their commander 's tracked item list is transmitted from the SBCT commander in SBCT,... ( EMT ) and divisions ( DTO ) is informed of casualties in medical treatment.! His request financial and management matters relating to stock supplied or received in an ISB a. The reunited LOGPAC convoy returns to the supporting finance unit can provide limited protection and supervision of contractors and civilians! A operations officer, I run a LOGSYNC meeting daily at 0900 substitute fuels, fluids or... Requirements identified by the FSC for the wounded or injured soldier 'gumballs ' indicate authorized and operational status by of! Aspects of such functions as distribution and materiel management and some personnel or functions... Of personal munitions and a Co walks me through SSA operations/status performs `` on ''... Vendor delivery and then forwards receiving reports to the 1SG and senior company medic personnel have responsibility! Approval from the national inventory control point ( ATP ) section does not deploy with two DOS industrial (! Morale support issues preferred method for evacuating patients I will provide some basic information about a... Or careers pages and easy to customize for your company or retained with the fielding of the dispersion.

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