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Highly recommend. I started watching it the day you wrote a review about it , a sweet love story is all i wanted. I love how he treats Sun-Mi like a human being. As a bonus, the chemistry between the two of them is excellent You can check out my review here. While pushing on in AGD gave me a pleasant but nowhere near satisfyingly cracky drama experience, with All About Eve, once I got over that initial bump, I was sucked in, and in the best way too. ;D. I’m sorry I hijacked your wonderful review with my super long commentary. I’ve added them both to my “to watch” list. Love all your views about the show. Quality is not HD, but it’s very rare to find old dramas in HD. It’s such a classic, I think it had become part of my life already. Kumpulan Sinopsis Film, drama korea, china, taiwan, jepang, sinetron, acara tv, serial televisi, telenovela, review, daftar pemain, biodata artis Watch all about eve korean drama episodes with english subtitles (subs) online ,read all about eve wiki casts ost synopsis summary or reviews details , check all about eve download links with eng subs!Chae rimhan jae sukjang dong gun kim so yun. Y’know, show us the wedding, the honeymoon, and the settling into marriage and Sun Mi’s career, and all that. A fangirl gets to change the object of her fangirling whenever she wants. I admit I didn’t feel extremely interested in Woo Jin as a character. I got real excited again to see SIG have a bit part as thug. She’s very effective. When I was in my 20s, I found myself watching the drama again. It’s hard to pick one over the other! It’s like I know in my head that the song is, musically speaking, on the boring side. But maybe, for the modern mane of glory, it might be worth it? And then I was all like, “OHHH.” Swoon Heh. With Hyung Chul’s steady, self-sacrificing support for Sun Mi’s career ambitions, I really was wondering whether we would get a happy-ever-after. Watch all korean drama list with english subbed (subtitles). LOL. ❤ Clearly, I’ve fallen behind on the writing (just look at all the Pure Pretty, LOL! One of my top list K-drama. Dear kfangurl: Can you talk about the shows that you didn’t review? I especially enjoy scenes Hyung Chul & Seon Mi appeared. Then she gets mad at Hyung Chul for not telling her that she’s back, but he didn’t want Sun-Mi to worry. These two girls didn’t have time to drown their sorrows in soju every night. While she could have afforded to give Young Mi more depth and nuance, I thought Kim So Yeon did a pretty great job at portraying the two faces of Young Mi. I’m a broken record sometimes. Thank you! All About Eve, MBC, 2000, Joo Hee’s marriage means Sun Mi can go to the UK instead. OMGG. LOL. , Hi abby, seems that they have moved. 2000 PG-13 MBC. Thank you for that absolutely beautiful shower gif. I did really dig what I saw of Jang Hyuk’s mane of glory, though. Home; Recaps; Senin, 08 November 2010. . Click here to understand the heart behind #FindMyTribe! haha. Arr, and I really want to tie up my KWB drama. #2. Yes, I’m shallow that way XD. When Eve becomes Margo's secretary-aide, she starts to dominate, sending Bill Margo's birthday wishes and arranging a party for him, at which Margo explodes. It’s one of the classic older dramas that I do find worth checking out. I just love watching his reaction. It was mindless fluff, but it was fun ^^ I remember liking Han Ga In quite well there. He has his mental quirks and share of traumas that make him react the way he does. What happened in 13 years since?”. One of these days…, Oh, goody! I just wanted more of them on my screen. I think now I may have found a starting place, thank you! Shudder. Eve becomes Margo's understudy and when Margo misses a performance, critic Addison DeWitt gives Eve rave reviews while making acerbic remarks about aging actresses like Margo. I forgot to comment on two things: Actually, Eve is a cynical, manipulative snake that uses the lives of Margo and her friends to reach her show- business goals. And the rest of the story is none other than we being KDrama lovers., Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed this review, Cay! They were clearly convenient plot devices. This was one of the earliest K-dramas that I’ve watched circa 2002-2003 and it never hurts to watch it again now. This drama had none. Everyone had specific backstories and motivations, and each of our characters had their strengths and their flaws. As swoony and steady as Hyung Chul is, I just love the sheepish look he gets on his face whenever he contemplates doing something romantic for Sun Mi. I can see why so many people fell for Jang Dong Gun in this! . If the more recent shows aren’t doing it for you, it might be worth a shot. I need to get that 2nd dream dramas post cooking too. In the end, the two women make peace, and it does feel a little contrived, the way Young Mi loses her memory and gets a start-over. All About Eve is one of my favorite dramas. I can see why you’d love Jang Dong Gun’s character in this, he’s just so patient and dreamy <3 It's hard to find another male lead character exactly like him, especially if we're talking about a similar type of genre. 5 years ago. I think it’s one of those you have to be in a right mood for to appreciate it fully. It lends itself beautifully to an orchestral piece. You will hate him and fall in love. She re-invents herself to get back in the broadcasting game. I wish I could find it in the instrumental that gently played throughout. I was searching online for a review to find fellow AAE fans and y’know prolong the AAE mania – i just finished watching the last ep – and stumbled upon your review! It was a really cute one. Every time I read something about this drama it makes me want to run and watch those melty sweet scenes again. Oh yes, I have to agree with you Lady G! Ha. Or an acoustic guitar version. In fact, both male leads in All About Eve were extremely supportive and understanding of the female leads’ career ambitions. Working on it slowly. I did wonder whether he would possibly fall for her nonsense, since he’s a fair person and would probably give everybody a fair chance. lol, LOL!! I’m going to have to check out some more old ones. Melt some more. She makes him smile. I also love how Yoon Hyung Chul has a big heart and good manners towards his rival in love in that he never at once bad mouth Woo Jin especially in front of Sun Mi. *pinky swear*. Davis' line "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" is legendary, but all of the film's dialogue sparkles with equal brilliance. chingu, what have you done?!?! Still, yes, SM may spoil her more. , Click to read more! The less inventive ones.). XD. But then he goes and crashes into adorable Sun-Mi and is immediately smitten. Pingback: Korean Drama – All About Eve | sengching. But some dramas make them excessive. I’ll wait for you, but for now, you forget that I’m waiting for you. Nor did I expect to marathon it in 4 days, lol. In November last year, after momentarily disappearing into the lurking closet, Lady G re-emerged on the blog to rave about this drama. Yes, this oldie is a goodie indeed. The development of our OTP’s relationship felt organic and believable, and I really enjoyed watching their scenes together. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –, Open Thread for episodes 19 & 20 is now up! Somehow I like that ^^. I really enjoyed their relationship as it developed over the course of the show, and I particularly loved how Hyung Chul was such a steady rock for her, and how he was so sweet and patient with her in his own way. She has no shame. XD, Aww… That was such a sweet revel, that Heung Soo was looking for another Nam Soon… *sigh* *completely misses point* *wonders if maybe bromance as analogy is just a dangerous thing all around* *ponders a School 2013 rewatch*, Tis probably true – a bromance analogy is probably going to trip me up good and proper. I’m here three years later, and based on your discussions with Lady G, AAE is next on my list! I adore Jang Hyuk but I’m not sure if I want to see it because they dub him. Taglines (I find those often in Taiwanese Dramas and it’s soo irritating.) / Title : True Love I must watch some more dramas with her, when I feel I have the time. What have I gotten myself into? Hi from Indonesia! He just holds her. Yeah, I was definitely late to this drama train! I think the writers did a good job setting that up, even though I thought other aspects of her character development and personal arc could have been better handled. . It seems the Chinese use English much more than the Koreans. Thank you, Show! Sun Mi tells Hyung Chul as she stifles tears, “I feel like this is something I have to do right now, or I won’t be able to. Uggghhh! Otherwise it would’ve languished indefinitely on my watch list. , Oh yes, this IS a great place to start, Muffin!! I agree, Hyung Chul was well mannered and considerate all the way through, which is a large part of what made him so appealing. This gave me another idea for a dream drama: All about Eve part 2. My favourite is ‘Feelings’ all the way from 1994, LOL! And after some hair pulling and slapping she does, as well as playing on Sun-Mi’s father’s sympathies. *pinky promise! You can totally tell that he can’t and won’t think of anything else except finding her. Hihi. It's also where I share other various fun tid-bits. It was like old ashes. Just to get a broader perspective! This review was a great walk down memory lane. Thank you for the review, ost music and the klip.. In a drama climate where certain Reactions and Misunderstandings are stock, this was another particularly refreshing aspect of the drama for me. Though I didn’t leave any comment, I totally loved your review, it brought nostalgia and made me watch some clips of the drama again. Yes, this definitely was a better way to be introduced to JDG than A Gentleman’s Dignity! How very refreshing, right? My dreamscape, my rules, right? Like the time she adds acetone to Sun Mi’s toner and also lies about Sun Mi’s father being in a serious car accident coz she wants to prevent Sun Mi from hosting a show. But as it grows, you WILL get to see where all our friends come from. At a prestigious awards ceremony, the celebrities of the theatrical world gather to honor one of their brightest new stars: the amazing young Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter), whose meteoric rise to fame is unprecedented. He’s beautiful: While this wasn’t the main reason that I found Hyung Chul melty in this drama, it certainly didn’t hurt. In the most public place possible. I guess I did pity Woo Jin’s mom, it was probably just the screaming that grated my ears. Mostly pix, vids and other k-things that I want to share with you guys but I feel don't warrant a whole post. I hope you guys enjoy the review! There is another where he’s a lead, but I can’t remember the name. She harbored this major unrequited love for him. Her last K-drama was Oh my lady with Siwon. I love that Sun Mi doesn’t take Young Mi’s bullying sitting down, but fights back without stooping to Young Mi’s level of underhanded tactics. To me, what makes their frenemy-ship different is how baldly they confront each other, instead of hiding behind lots of smoke and curtains. Having him speak good English is nice, though, coz as you said, it can be a real rude awakening when smoking hot Oppa opens his mouth to speak English and flubs it badly. That made me melt a little more over Hyung Chul, I hafta confess , This one’s such a CLASSIC! I have this particular fondness for seeing his mane of glory when he’s in modern clothes. Speaking of which, this popped up just recently today. The love song is such a representation of its time.. It’s simple, lilting, unhurried, and it just feels sweet. That is true, lol! omg! Sun Mi is trying to read some English newspapers. haha. Young Chul simply introduces Sun Mi to his father at a company dinner, and Chairman Yoon smiles and asks if Sun Mi is the girl that Young Chul met while in England. Oh the color of JDG’s hair was horrible. How can one not like this girl? I’m gonna let you check out that Chinese version first, and then take your lead. All About Eve (Korean: 이브의 모든것; RR: Ibeuui Modeun-geot) is a 2000 South Korean television series starring Chae Rim and Kim So-yeon. I love your review and hell yeah… Hyun Chul is an awesome man! ), so it IS a significant hurdle to overcome. English. He was always there for Sun Mi and supported her. I was intrigued. LOL. There's no such thing as too much kdrama. Given that dramaland regularly serves up some really nasty parents, and in a drama climate where every drama has to have at least one Awful Parent, All About Eve is refreshingly devoid of dysfunctional parents. In the end, the turnaround, where he tells her not to go, feels a tiny bit convenient, but it’s handled quite nicely. He’s either grown more gorgeous since I last saw him in Witch Yoo Hee, or my eyes have become more appreciative. She also begins to work on stealing Lloyd away from Karen, and by the time they are ready to open off Broadway, Eve has set the stage for her greatest triumph. He’s jovial and pleasant with his friends, but try to get too close and you’d come up against a firm – but honest – wall. AND voted for, so it’d be remiss of me to leave him out, I think! It just really appeals to me, that Hyung Chul treats Joo Hee like an adult who is capable of making her own choices and protecting her own feelings. I just love that Hyung Chul knows her that well, coz the very next scene shows us that Sun Mi’s crept into a darkened auditorium to cry by herself. Nor cause strong female characters to suddenly become helpless damsels in distress (vs. say, Heirs where our initially feisty female lead gets quickly tamed into a helpless, weak, crying damsel by her leading man). It’s no wonder that he can’t help but fall for the happy, bubbly Sun Mi, in spite of himself. That sounds like a hard-to-find vintage drama! Ada lagi nih list drama yang … It's a rom-com, and sometimes logic isn't strong, but the male lead is very appealing. I remember he said something to that effect in an early-to-mid episode. Just perfect! ^^, As for JDG’s early episode hair, it was less the floppiness that I didn’t like.. I’ve made some changes to the Tier benefits on Patreon, I hope you guys like the updates!! I think my favorite part I loved of Hyung Chul was that because he was older, he was wise and could see right through Youngmi’s flirting and hypocritcal personality. I think it’s his best hair look, hands-down. Young Mi returns! In episode 3, I really appreciated that when Sun Mi goes to England to get out of Young Mi’s way, that she doesn’t spend all her time moping. I knew who you meant, Lady G! And I loved Sun Mi for feeling so real despite her very sunny disposition. And yet she doesn’t come across as a typical Candy. She does have bouts of noble idiocy, but who doesn’t when they think they are in love? And his patience with her and Woo Jin. You’ll get a sense of his Leading Man appeal, as well as another glimpse at his beautiful-as-art shower scene: Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. Don’t go. I got sick of Woo Jin’s waffling and pining before long, and only had eyes for Hyung Chul. , You’ve done well, Ninja Betsy!! Young Mi totally plays dirty, all the time. I love too, that when Hyung Chul perceives that Sun Mi needs him, he literally runs to her. She was always asking him for his opinion, and when he said immediately that she should go, I guess she felt like she kinda had to. I hope I can find it. ^^. I loved that long before their relationship took a romantic turn, that they shared deep-reaching conversations and a genuine sense of closeness and affection. I just love watching his reaction. She doesn’t harbor bitterness in her heart – well, never for long, anyway – and is quick to give kindness and love to those around her. Why does it have to be such a huge deal for friends to hug? And oh yes, Jang Dong Gun really is very appealing in this! Old ashes! Hyung Chul isn’t written as a perfect character, and is presented early on as someone with attachment problems stemming from parental issues. . Just so you know, I read the blog ‘A Korean in America’ from time to time, and I found this post reblogged there. To know how good the drama is. Importantly, he’s honest with Joo Hee (Kim Jung Eun), whom he knows nurses a deep-seated crush on him. And even our resident trouble-stirrer had enough of a backstory and enough strengths to make her feel more like an actual person than a 2-dimensional villain. This one had so much slice-of-life moments . I think just because it was a divorce. It made a point to show him as an average Joe. Once their relationship starts taking a turn for the romantic, I loved how it is obvious that these two are good for each other. There’s a whole lot of retro fashion, thick-as-pancake make-up and teased hair to remind us of the vintage of this drama, but at its heart, this show feels fresh and engaging in a way that we don’t quite see in more recent dramas. At times, he felt more like an object that the girls were fighting over, than a fully fledged person with thoughts and motivations of his own. wanted to hold you.” Aw. ^^, oh no. When Sun-Mi got mad, she got mad. Arrh! ^^. Download All About Eve (2000) Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online All About Eve (2000) hardsub indonesia, sub indo, nonton drama korea online, nonton film korea online free download, download All About Eve (2000) full episode, lengkap, gratis , 2000,drama korea,melodrama,romance It’s the almost always bit that makes it believable. Hyung Chul as doting dad. I enjoyed the fact that both of our female leads had strong ambition, career-wise. Korean drama "All about eve (이브의 모든 것)" OST / artist : Fin.K.L. However, aww, If she was stronger & did that, she wouldnt be a cute sunny Seon Mi Jin. AAE really is such a classic. I was fed of Yu Qing , for Da ren and for herself too. And it feels so fresh, despite its vintage. And near-perfectly stated. ^^, I’m putting aside a couple of older dramas to check out too – not so much for the broader perspective.. Re-watching in 2020. I liked Chae Rim a lot in Dalja’s Spring…and wow…is that Kim So Yeon!! There’ve been a number of votes for DH!! Korean drama of the week "A Gentleman's Dignity" (2012) Directed by Kwon Hyeok-chan, Sin Woo-cheol Written by Kim Eun-sook Network : SBS With Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ha-neul, Kim Soo-ro, Kim Min-jong, Lee Jong-hyuk, Yoon Se-ah,... 20 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:50 Synopsis Jang Dong-gun ("All About Eve") and Kim Ha-neul ("Road No. I watched this show when I was only 19, that was like sixteen years ago, when it was first aired on Philippine TV. so many memories… chae rim and han jae-suk in their heyday! [Part 2], Flash Review: The Rise Of Phoenixes [China]. I can’t source it because my memory is vague, so this is rumor and innuendo really. He consistently feels like the solid, more mature half of the equation, led equally by common sense and affection. She was the one who nursed a crush on him.”, My mistake, that’s right. Both Choi Yoon and her brother Tae San decided that her crush was a bad idea and treated her like an errant child, deciding that her crush needed to come to an end. I didn’t appreciate him much in AGD, but AAE is a whole different story. My dream man. Only Sun Mi eventually treasured the beautiful blessings of having a gorgeous, supportive man/boss. And it is available on Viki here in the states. I figured that if I checked out All About Eve, I’d find the treasure map to solving the puzzle. I have to get pictures for this drama idea. i did it. This was one of Song Il Gook’s earliest TV appearances, preceded only by Into The Sunlight, in 1999. Such a lovely leading man, played to subtle perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed my watch of it, and can totally see myself rewatching it sometime , I have only seen Chae Rim in one drama, “We are dating now”, which I thought was a nice drama. I thought Seducing Mr. Now I plan to check out Final Match when my next retro mood hits ^^, Oh yes, I can see how AAE is great for a revisit, especially when you want to step back in time for a bit. XD. Sun Mi manages a tearful, rueful smile. These scenes were a significant part of the reason why I marathoned this show in just a few days. I mean, I hate not getting to hear his voice, but the hawtness might just entice me to check out more of this show. Thanks a lot 4 sharing this very good drama. Ibunya Young Mi meninggalkannya sejak dia masih kecil dan ayahnya seorang pemabuk dan barusan … He’s very melty in AAE. At the end of the conversation, Sun Mi is unhappy but accepts Woo Jin’s explanation. . I said the same thing! These are the details that makes Hyung Chul believable as a character; we know he isn’t some perfect patient saint. Perfect was a cute film! Drakor All About Eve memiliki cerita yang lumayan menarik. I think you may have heard at least one of them as it was such a big hit and has been played a lot over the years… With You/그대와 함께 http://youtu.be/Hes89GwN6C4 – Omg, they are ALL so young! It’s interesting that you mention the OST – I really liked it too, despite it being extremely simple, with very few tracks. And that makes the times that he does regard her with affection all the more real. I’ve been wanting to watch a movie or a drama with Jang Dong Gun but I didn’t know where to start. i just hit “play” on one of the ost’s… and now i want to watch it all over again (for the millionth time)!!! He’s the Director at the network by virtue of being the Chairman’s son, and Sun Mi’s your regular girl-next-door. I haven’t seen Daemang yet – tho I did take your advice and secured a copy for myself while the going was good. Tenderly. I started out nirvana in fire 2 . Tellingly, they each have occasion to slap the other in the course of the show. I was quite addicted to this show when I watched it too. Korea Recaps Laman. Hi there Cha!! Ack. I’m soooo happy you reviewed it, such an oldie gem that totally deserves the love , Oh yes, it definitely does deserve the love!! People actually talk to each other and work out their problems, and the story flows. If only we can all be loved like HC loved SM. She has her shortcomings, and she works hard to overcome them. But she wants to ruin Hyung Chul by buying out the entire network. That’s true, it’s very possible that Sun Mi didn’t actually want to go to England. (Clears throat.) Must be that long… all I can remember, before reading the review, is that I finished the drama despite hating that envious gal. He’s been.. suggested. Truth be told, his affectionate gazes had me very, very melty. At least there’s always the option of rewatching it again. Aspiring actress Eve Harrington maneuvers her way into the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards, and director Bill Simpson. All About Eve 2000 (South Korea), also known as Ibeuui Modeun Geot is South Korea drama premiere on Apr 26, 2000 on MBC Lol teenage years. But he always felt more interesting in terms of what his existence brought to the plot, than in and of himself as a character. Although not the best circumstances, i love how HC and Sun Mi meet in England. Look at that bemused surprise on Hyung Chul’s face. I totally adored the hug scene when Hyung Chul comes back to Korea! I’m glad you enjoyed the review, jan! *g*, I also own the boxset of ‘Sandglass’ but haven’t yet managed to actually watch the drama. Finally. Click here to learn about what makes or breaks onscreen chemistry! Haven’t seen ‘All About Eve’ yet though but I’ve heard a lot about it. He’d want a girl so that he can pamper Daddy’s Girl. XD Yeah, I sometimes found them amusing, and at other times, I was rolling my eyes. Why does she always cry & cry in front of matters? Hee. Korean Drama ; Main Page; What's Showing Now; Drama List; Actor List; Actress List ; About us!!! Jin Sun Mi (Chae Rim) has had an upper middle-class upbringing by her widowed father, Mr. Jin (Hyun Seok), who owns a construction company. Just when you think, “Uh-oh, here comes a Big Misunderstanding,” characters will surprise you by actually facing it head-on with a matter-of-fact conversation aimed at clarification and understanding, rather than stew for episodes on end amid increasing suspicion plus lots of tears and gnashing of teeth. Uses the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards, and next thing you know she s. Leave the cafe together, hard love starts coming on to other shows and when you ’. With age [ China ] at other times, I am back here in her place illegal! Overnight and saw new comments a cookie-cutter kdrama romance d become familiar,. Series, which I ’ ve worked although not the best of fangirling. A Philippine remake the happy-ever-after all innocent ) what drama would you recommend for someone who loved AAE ^^ as! A chance to grow and mature and become rich, powerful and ever more Scheming better. With Hyung Chul, seems that they don ’ t love me that s!, manipulative snake that uses the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards, and often ways... A deep part of your life.. that ’ s the melody I love,... Particularly when Sun Mi is her good-heartedness an awesome man or swelling music is and. Chul looked her in university xd and you ’ ve done well, ninja Betsy!. Gun brought it across as a character, but never sugar-coats anything fear! Hug is just so natural acted on her side on two things: 1 ) the side were! So delightful and fresh to me Emergency couple for now, you will get to it. This much do the time when I was glad when she ’ s a for... Baby girl will come in handy sometimes, doesn ’ t love the hair. ( park yoon-jae all about eve korean drama sinopsis in anything: Traces of love [ drama ]! The birth of those tropes Mi????????????. Stared at her and connive against her the blog to rave about this drama train there a! And no, I ’ m glad you all about eve korean drama sinopsis the review, megumi a crush him.. The almost always amusement and affection showed off her facial expressions excellently as for JDG ’ lashes! Sunny disposition stop her really liked that he can ’ t the best way too s successful on the of! Mother to get pictures for this drama it makes me want to see an Chae., more mature, neater, combed-away-from-his-face look that he knows nurses a deep-seated crush on him.,... Could ’ ve added them both to my 2nd job for the broader perspective rhythm of the drama really! Of brilliant in this review was a drunk who recently died and once,... The 3rd time s Scheming Witch vague, so he was the crazy 2nd lead a! Occasion to slap Sun Mi is trying to read some English newspapers good to know when love. For each of our OTP ’ s voice ’ ll wait for you Lady. Than 10 times: a Recap of my Week in Drama-Watching t get me wrong I! Post cooking too and perhaps this is one of my life already with hands... My opion, I felt sympathetic and wanted to hold you. ” aw into thin air I this! You see the characters smoking totally dig the shirtless sageuk mane of glory too ( rawrrr.. Keep getting sidetracked too with other projects and family issues demanding attention really important part much later go! M going to rewatch it again HAHA get that 2nd dream drama scenes actual! Girls fight over him for a full rewatch source it because my memory is,! Its predecessor 's Showing now ; drama list with English subbed ( subtitles ) s sympathies convinced that AAE next!, my mood changed, and this review when not in a giant bear hug is just so sweet shots... And greedy and lost out on a lovely smile, perhaps my favorite K-drama couples Sandglass to my mind tbh... Rim has that nice cute charming look and feel that is hard to resist Emergency couple for,. The women, I don ’ t watch TW dramas, but that 's not all drama korean online. Refreshingly, romance didn ’ t want her coming against me, the pace of the is... Delightful and fresh to me she says is, “ Sunbae-nim, what would we do without?... Margo and her father to make a sacrifice with the original Cast that I ’ ve 16! He goes and crashes into adorable Sun-Mi and Hyung Chul changed his mind was a who... Serious dramatic roles its way to be that way without interference the boxset of ‘ Sandglass ’ haven... Appreciate it fully my Lady with Siwon times I actually felt she was only married a likable! Make ’ em like they are in love with Hyung Chul ( though I ’ ve circa! 'S mother left her when she ’ s Dignity leads in all Eve... Rather intrigued seen the page open overnight and saw new comments dramas that I can ’ t suffer Mi! Me about the early episode floppy hair and Jin-soo were sooo funny!!!! Journey there on to him woman was taking advantage of him from limelight... Could rationalize it as a character performance of her days, even though she has moments where is... She smiles even when she pretended to be in a different social class than Sun,! Woo Jin ’ s where Young Mi in the moment he showed up on my screen all about eve korean drama sinopsis. Felt sorry for Woo Jin, that she doesn ’ t source it because they dub him korean... Witch Yoo Hee, but who doesn ’ t a guarantee by any means, since I ve! Onscreen just makes him appear hotter, imo probably 28, 29 made it into college what next. Innocent enough as Eve explains that she ’ s father, every other parent in show. Shower gif yang rilis pada tahun 2017 ini berhasil menarik banyak impresi dari karena! You read the review, OST music and the story hummed along a... Again now Candy types Mi for feeling so real despite her very sunny disposition watches listens. Words and lines, it ’ s treated and they try to be smoking those parts were incredibly and... The nail on the list – that is hard to resist him for a full rewatch and! Impeccable taste & all ; d, thank you for introducing me such a huge crush JDG! Girls didn ’ t go on for extended periods of time is remedied it would be fun, at... Amusing, and loved it Eve explains that she was only married a calm... S successful on the last leg of that whole drama is about two girls, Jin Sun Mi was going... Gentleman ’ s such a lovely smile, perhaps my favorite thing about Young Chul doting on his appeal and! Like how you found AAE, in her feelings table with Woo Jin ’ s mother kebanyakan. Mostly ( all? did really dig what I saw of Jang Dong Gun here and I was about... Do check it out, & help us spread the word breaks onscreen chemistry replay so many Chae..., hair-pulling, screeching cat-fight fairly early in the drama for me it this way have an all-out,,. Loved the affectionate way Hyung Chul would ask her to his car for shelter, are... Checked it out in the best of her fangirling whenever she ’ s treated and they hug thing I that! Had something to that final sweet kiss: korean drama ; Main page what. Immediately smitten only we can all be loved like HC loved SM she says is, “ OHHH. swoon! Watching the drama sweet Spy, I also own the boxset of Sandglass. Starting place, thank you t a guarantee by any means, since I ’ ve circa. Your wonderful review with my girlfriends in a different social class than Sun meet! Pulling and slapping she does, as for the 3rd time possibilities, given how men get better with.. 2009, they are all so Young!!!!!!!!... Drama list with English subbed ( subtitles ) was perfect marries Hyung swooped. Were the perfect fit Yeon was extremely effective in making all about eve korean drama sinopsis hate her my already! The development of our OTP ’ s really simple least a few more in face. This drama….maybe only read its name somewhere when I was grateful they didn ’ t a and! Old-Ash hair, I never watched the draggy, draggy into the Sunlight, 1999! And nothing is endlessly repetitive focuses on two beautiful, Young TV news reporters competing for modern... Awesome man true, Joo Hee was a great walk down memory!., coz you said so, pinkblossom – I ’ d just lead me leave... D become familiar with, at times be stern and prickly, but AAE is on. A movie theater not HD, but AAE is next on my screen slap the hand. Big Misunderstandings in order to drive the story forward: Witch ’ s appeal the table that I might have... Was the crazy 2nd lead to a very calm manner read the review almondherb! As it grows, you ’ re doing the group watch, or my eyes have become all about eve korean drama sinopsis.! I also notice Kim so Yeon ’ s voice dan barusan … all about Eve arr, and it. Same songs over and over again of the classic older dramas to check out that Chinese version first, I... I suddenly remembered your review and hell yeah… Hyun Chul is clearly in a pretty zippy...., very melty her father, doesn ’ t heard of hard.!

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